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2012 Luxury Sneaker Line Up for Men

I was browsing through today and saw they posted a list of the top luxury sneakers for men....enjoy!

A Round Up of Holiday 2012 Luxury Sneakers
The Riccardo Tisco headed brand loves its stars and thus has also placed them on the Star Detail Leather High Top sneaker. Like most Givenchy read to wear, these are not very subtle, but will for sure find its fans. Get them here.
A Round Up of Holiday 2012 Luxury Sneakers
Furthermore the brand presents a new silhouette for velcro lovers. The Zip Trimmed Leather High Top sneaker comes in black leather with 5 velcro straps, suede accents on the heel and perforated details on the toe cap. These are out now here.
A Round Up of Holiday 2012 Luxury Sneakers
Known for its minimalist design and subtle lines, Jil Sander presents a hiking boot inspired silhouette for Holiday 2012. The all over pebble leather is a little bolder than expected from the brand, yet really sets them apart from the rest. You can get the mid top sneaker now here.
A Round Up of Holiday 2012 Luxury Sneakers
The French luxury brand updates a familiar Chukka silhouette with premium Python leather. Not too shiny, yet a nice accent, the outcome is a rather clean evening shoe with an athletic white outer sole. Get them here.
A Round Up of Holiday 2012 Luxury Sneakers
The painted panelled leather high top sneaker from Margiela perfectly demonstrates the brand’s signature. High quality, yet subtle, and with a touch of handmade – the silver panels have been hand painted on the sneaker, resulting in some uneven details. The sneaker is now in stock here.
A Round Up of Holiday 2012 Luxury Sneakers
Not your typical luxury brand, but in a way the Japanese brand does produce premium military inspired streetwear and price wise positions itself in the luxury sector. They have just released a new cow leather high top sneaker. A very classic silhouette with little nice upgrades in terms of quality, the sneaker comes in black and brown and is in stock here.
A Round Up of Holiday 2012 Luxury Sneakers
Italian brand Volta presents a luxury version of its performance oriented Strade sneaker. Next to the Vibram outer sole, the low top sneaker now features a snake upper, exclusive to UK retailer Oki-Ni.
A Round Up of Holiday 2012 Luxury Sneakers
Sunsea is a brand from Japan and as usual they understand very well how to upgrade a rather simple silhouette and turn it into a luxury item. Here we have a look at their High Cut Men’s Trainer, which features premium suede leather both on the upper and the mid-sole and we just love the dark navy upper. Available in overall 3 colorways here.
A Round Up of Holiday 2012 Luxury Sneakers
We like this new light grey/white version of the classic Rick Owens Leather High Top. The thick outer sole and very high rise upper, make it a perfect companion for the cold season. The sneaker is in stock now from Luisaviaroma.
SOPHNET x visvim Kiefer Hi VD
A Round Up of Holiday 2012 Luxury Sneakers
Another exciting Holiday 2012 release to have come out this week is the latest collaboration between SOPHNET and visvim on the Kiefer Hi VD. The simple visvim high top sneaker has been infused with premium leathers and a warm shearling lining, making it the perfect companion for the cold winter. Get them now from SOPHNET stores.

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