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"Inner Circle: The Wives Association" review with #TammyTalks

Evelyn Lozada has just conquered another world in mainstream entertainment but putting on the hat of an author. Lozada released her first book Inner Circle: The Wives Association this past June and it has been on fire ever since. It has reportedly been selling at Barnes and Noble bookstores around the country. For those of you who aren't familiar with the book here is the synopsis according to

Against her mother’s wishes and her own reservations, Eve Inez marries Los Angeles Leopard’s superstar wide receiver, Chase Landon, and finds herself in a close-knit circle of friends who are also married to elite athletes.
Each of the wives soon discover their lives aren’t all glitz and glam, and that with wealth and fame there’s always a price to pay. It’s a regular battle of the sexes and Eve quickly realizes her circle needs protection against the everyday drama that keeps coming their way – prenups, baby mamas, scandals, cheating and worst of all, gossip.
In answer, Eve encourages the wives to band together to form The Wives Association. No athlete, no matter how rich, pampered or devious, is going to get one over on her girls – that is, until she herself is confronted with one terrible truth that strikes much closer to home than she could ever have imagined.

I will admit I did have some reservations when I first heard that Evelyn was releasing a book. I mean lets be real, she is a reality star, a socialite, a trendsetter, but an author? No. However, when I hear the book was partly made up of entries from her personal diary my interest was peaked. After learning more about the book I knew that I had to read it. I thought the book was going to be a "tell all" but when I found out if was an actual story it sparked my interest even more. 

I was definitely entertained throughout the entire book. The characters seemed so realistic, especially "Eve", as I was reading I could vividly picture Evelyn saying and doing everything that was described in the book. The book took me through a wave of emotions (which is what you want in a book). I literally laughed out loud, I got pissed and cussed at the characters, I was shocked, I was hurt, I was happy. Lol. There were certain chapters I reread over and over because it was just so much action I thought maybe I missed something. It was just crazy how Evelyn and her co author were able to evoke so much emotion with the series of events that took place in the book. 

Some of the characters do mimic her cast mates on BBW but not enough for you to really tell who is who which is perfect. What I liked best about the book was that you weren't able to tell what was true and what was fictional. It keeps you wondering, "damn, did that really happen or...?" The ending def left me anticipating the second book to come in the series. 

Good job Evelyn!!!

Make sure you all go out and pick up this book!!

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