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#MogulTalksMondays - How to be the best dressed man with @UrbanMogulLife

This is a public service announcement from the good folks at

Allow me introduce myself
My name is Danny P Ocean…. And the P stands for Poitier. I don’t claim to be an expert
of this, that, or the third. But the jewelz I drop, I guarantee will change your life for the
better. Whether it is about fashion, life, finances, or just random thoughts; I am just here
to share some knowledge and hopefully the sun will shine just a little brighter in your

I have been reading TammyTalks for a minute now, and I must say that real recognizes
real. And Babygirl looks familiar. Not only So with her permission I will bring you into
my world of life, love, drinks, and music. Some things you will agree with, some you
may not, but be please understand this…. Danny P will keep it real.

The first segment I will share is how to be the best dressed cat in the room. No I am not
on some metrosexual stee. But I do believe that the way you present yourself will go a
long way in helping you get what you want. Whatever it might be. If you want that good
job…. dress a little better. If you want that beautiful lady to recognize you…. dress a
little better. If you want to skip the line at Burger King….. dress a little better. See where
I am going here?

Without further ado…. I bring to you Mogul Talks

Danny P Ocean’s Ten Ways to Be the Best Dressed Man in Any Room

Check them out after the jump

Being able to dress to the 9’s is an art form that many men don’t master. From off the
rack suits to oversized shirts, most men end up looking like clowns when they think they
are doing it. To spot a well dressed man is like spotting a pink unicorn riding a unicycle
with a unibrow. It is rare. And one way to stand out is to be that unicorn. Make sure you
are the one that is pleasing to the sight of others. Is it hard to do? Nope, but you have to
put in a little effort.

1. Accessorize – One thing that you can do to set yourself apart from the lames is to
accessorize. Pocket squares, cuff links, tie bars can go a long way. As a matter of
fact, if you throw on a suit you should make sure that you have a pocket square
peeking out. That little splash of cloth is an essential part of your costume. A suit
without a pocket square is like you are walking around naked. However the key to
it is to make sure it doesn’t look like your tie. You don’t want to make it look like
you’re trying too hard (see #5)

2. Pick Classic Styles – When you become a man, you will realize that those
loud Steve Harvey suits look best on your Uncle Ray-Ray with the snake skin
shoes. Leave those bright yellow suits for the pimps on Easter Sunday. If you
go with classic styles, not only will you look good today, you will also look
good tomorrow. Plus if anyone happens to take a snapshot of you, you won’t be
embarrassed 10 years later when you look back on the photo. You don’t want to
be caught looking like Big Bird with orange gators on.

3. Make Sure Your Tie Tip Touches The Top Of Your Belt – I laugh when I see a
man whose tie goes past his belt. Not a good look. Your tie should not go 
past your belt for any reason.

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