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Basketball Wives Season 4 Promo Video

This trailer is dramatic as hell but it makes you want to watch the new season!! I cant wait to see what happens. Also be sure to check out my EXCLUSIVE interview with Evelyn right here on on 2/15/2012   Click here to catch a snippet of our convo

Wale/RickRoss/Fabolous - Albert Pujois

Wayne feat Bruno Mars x Mirrors (Video)

Ive loved this song sing I first heard it. Its kind of a update to version of MJ, Man in the Mirror track. I was curious as to how the visual would turn out....and I love it!  Training Day  director Antoine Fuqua used a simple theme yet powerful theme. I love the usage of paint and the artwork at the end is dope. Check it out below.

Exclusive Evelyn Lozada interview *snippet*

If you follow me on Twitter ( @TammyTalks ) You know that I interviewed Evelyn Lozada (@EvelynLozada) for yesterday. I will say that Evelyn is beyond nice and such a felt like I was talking to a friend. She is extremely personable. Dont forget to tune into Season 4 of Basketball Ball Wives 2/20/2012 on VH1. Check out this snippet of the interview after the jump

Drake responds to Common...

So Drake kinda, sorta responds to Common's verse about him in Still Schemin'.  In an exclusive interview with Drake issued a statement regarding his "beef" with Common. Check out his response below. 

Basketball Wives Season 4 Promo Pics

(@1andonlyOlivia) – Walk Away

Olivia shows her singing chops in her latest single. If you watch Love and HipHop you have seen that Olivia has been working overtime to get singing career off the ground. Many of you may remember Olivia as being a rapper and the first lady of G Unit. Nowadays, she is more focused on branching away from that and making her mark on the RnB world. I dig her new song, Walk Away. I love the fact that the video tells a story and matches the song; that seems to be rarity now. Check it out below.

@BusaBusss feat @chrisbrown – Why Stop Now

@MaalHimself x Ms Beverly Hills (Official Video)

When I first heard the song...I fell in love...its a rap/rock/pop fusion. Its completely different and unconventional for a Milwaukee rapper to put a song of this genre. Maal Himself took a risk and it is paying off. The much anticipated video was recently released and it absolutely embodies the lyrics of the song. I thought I had a favorite Milwaukee video...but this has quickly earned that title. 

*New Music* Tyga x Rack City Remix

Tyga(Tyga) teams up with Wale (@wale), Meek Mill (@MeekMill), Fabolous (@myfabolouslife), Young Jeezy (@YoungJeezy) & T.I.(@tip) for the Rack City Remix

Shit Drake Says (Video)

Just when i thought I was sick of the Shit ____ Says saga...they make a Drake one. LMAO Whether you are a Drake fan or not you HAVE to laugh at this. LMAO  Check it out!!

Kelly Rowland x “Keep It Between Us”

Blue Ivy's godmother is.....

There is no way to get around the constant news of Blue Ivy Carter. Lol. But when your parents are Jay Z and Beyonce...what can you expect? The world is in a frenzy over this celeb baby once again since word broke of who her godmother is. Find out who after the jump

*New Music* John Legend/Ludacris x Best You Ever Had

"I'll hit you with the best stroke, freestyle and the breaststroke, til you blowing cigarette smoke"

Was Mary J Blige snubbed by the Oscars

The Oscar nods were released this past week and of course it caused a rise on Twitter. Every year someone gets "snubbed" and this year it was Mary J Blige. The Help recieved 4 Oscar nominations, but for some reason MJB's original song for the movie, The Living Proof. didnt recieve a nomination. Now 39 original songs were created for movies that were eligible but the Academy only used 2 of the 5 slots for nominations. Ummmmmm thats a lil weird..MJB took to twitter to vent her frustrations.  Check out the song after the jump and determine for yourself if it should have been nominated.

@Prophpeezy x Newer

Rutgers University offers class on Beyonce

I cant believe Im typing really. Im a fan of Beyonce's music just like the next person but to offer a class on her? Thats ridiculous. The class,  “ Politicizing Beyonce",   is listed under Rutgers,  Department of Women’s and Gender Studies. But then again Rutgers kinda lost credibility with me when they paid Snooki $32,000 to give a speech on their campus. So I probably shouldn't expect much more from the university.    Kevin  Allred, who will teach the class,  explains, “This isn’t a course about Beyoncé’s political engagement or how many times she performed during President Obama’s inauguration weekend.” He adds, “While other artists are simply releasing music, she’s creating a grand narrative around her life, her career, and her persona."

*New Music* Rasheeda – Legs To The Moon ft. Kandi

*New Music* Soulja Boy/The Game x Too Faded

Much like the rest of the world I dont take Soulja Boy serious as a rapper. However, this track with The Game is pretty slick. Ummm wonder why he took a shot at Kim K though. Hmmmmmmmmmmm "I done ran through her before Kris Humphries"

@EvelynLozada Maxim Photoshoot

VH1 Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada has been crazy busy with photoshoots lately. First there was the Urban Ink Magazine photoshoot with fiance Chad Ochocino, now Ev does a solo spread for Maxim. The new season of Basketball Wives starts 2/20/2012. Check out more photos from the shoot after the jump

*New Music* The Dream x Pieces

TammyTalks exclusive interview with @TheFakePizzle

Pizzle is just one of the many Milwaukee rappers aiming to show the world Milwaukee has take notice. While Im not big on underground music Pizzle has completely changed my mind. Ive heard his name for a while but never took the time to check out his music...but once I did I was completely blown away.  Check out my exclusive interview with Pizzle after the jump.

#MogulTalksMondays - How to be the best dressed man with @UrbanMogulLife

This is a public service announcement from the good folks at Allow me introduce myself My name is Danny P Ocean …. And the P stands for Poitier. I don’t claim to be an expert of this, that, or the third. But the jewelz I drop, I guarantee will change your life for the better. Whether it is about fashion, life, finances, or just random thoughts; I am just here to share some knowledge and hopefully the sun will shine just a little brighter in your square. I have been reading TammyTalks for a minute now, and I must say that real recognizes real. And Babygirl looks familiar. Not only So with her permission I will bring you into my world of life, love, drinks, and music. Some things you will agree with, some you may not, but be please understand this…. Danny P will keep it real. The first segment I will share is how to be the best dressed cat in the room. No I am not on some metrosexual stee. But I do believe that the way you present yourself will go a long way in hel

@ChinoChinoYall x Advance

Pacino had released yet another track from his upcoming project, Chasing History , and of course TammyTalks has the exclusive for you. I will say Pacino is NOT disappointing me with his new music. Pacino is such a versatile rapper that you never know what kind of sound to expect. This is def a club banger....the beat is crazy and Pacino's lyrics are on point. "Im not a trending topic I am epic...biopic"  "Do not associate my name with number 2" Check it out after the jump

Justice for Jennifer Hudson and family

Im sure you all remember the tragic multiple homicide on Jennifer Hudson's family. For those of you that dont know in 2008, Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother, and her 7 year old nephew. Well finally some justice will be served, hopefully.  According to the Associated Press  A judge on Thursday ordered a man charged in the 2008 Chicago slayings of Jennifer Hudson’s mother and two other family members to stand trial in April, despite the objections of his attorney, who said she was not ready.  After listening to William Balfour’s attorney say she’s still building her case, a clearly exasperated Cook County Judge William Charles Burns said it didn’t appear she was making any progress and set a date.  Burns, who suggested he wanted to start the trial next month, instead ordered jury selection to start April 9 and testimony to begin April 23. He said he expected the trial to last about three or four weeks.  Amy Thompson, a deputy public defender, said despite working 12 to 14 hou

Dysfunctional Friends Movie Trailer

I know Im not the only one that though when TO did his lil acting stint on his reality show it was for a fake movie. LMAO Nope...its a real movie!! To be honest it actually looks pretty decent.  The film is about 10 college friends who have not spoken to each other in seven years. They reunite when their larger then life friend Dennis (Keith Robinson) unexpectedly dies from a freak skydiving accident. After Dennis’ death, an Internet mogul, the group of estranged friends are required to spend five days together in order to inherit his millions. The movie stars  STACEY DASH, WESLEY JONATHAN, JASON WEAVER, KEITH ROBINSON, MEAGAN GOOD, REAGAN GOMEZ PRESTON, STACY KEIBLER, CHRISTIAN KEYES, ESSENCE ATKINS, HOSEA CHANCHEZ, and TERRELL OWENS   Dysfunctional Friends premieres FEB 3RD, 2012  with a super limited released. Its only showing in AMC theaters in Los Angeles and New York for now.

#DravoCypher - Milwaukee rap at its finest

People say Milwaukee has no black people live there...its just one big farm right? LMAO Ummmm yeah thats what you thought. Milwaukee is a diamond in the rough when it comes to entertainement. Artists like RayNitti, Prophetic, Pacino, and Pizzle just to name a few aim to prove the masses wrong. We have photography companies, we have an online radio show ( FLYE Radio ), we have tons of promotion companies that throw the hottest parties around...and of course there's dope entertainment blogs like TammyTalks and UrbanMogulLife . We have LongLiveHipHop which is dedicated to showcasing the hottest and latest in hiphop. Milwaukee is time bomb of talent just waiting to explode. Fresh off the BET HipHop Awards Milwaukee decided to start creating their own cyphers to showcase the talent we have right here in Milwaukee, WI. To be honest the first couple cyphers were ehhhh. The DravoCypher was probably the most anticipated video of 2011 in Milwaukee and the surrounding areas. The

Beats by Dre Swarovski Glamour Series

If you follow me on Twitter @TammyTalks you already know how much I love my Beats by Dre headphones; but these make me want to get some new ones. Im a sucker for Swarovski anyways and these headphones are so damn flashy and sparkly...I have to get them. Lol. These headphones are plated in 24kt gold and 24,000 Swarovski Dorado crystal elements. They probably still sparkle and glisten in the dark! They are made custom for each person and will only cost $2,625.  Check out more pictures after the jump.

Obama wears Jordans too

Well not sure if he will really wear them but last night Obama recieved a pair of Jordan Spiz’ikes from Spike Lee himself.

Color Explosion Photography

This is such a dope photoshoot to me. American artist and photographer Ian Sailer uses a high-speed camera to capture the exact moment a particular object begins to explode when he shoots it with a pellet gun.  This is probably one of the most creative photoshoots Ive seen in a while. Check out more pictures after the jump.

Nicki Minaj x Stupid Hoe (Official Video)

RIP Etta James

Legendary blues singer Etta James died today from chronic leukemia at the age of 73.  She was diagnosed with leukemia in 2010, and also suffered from dementia and hepatitis C. James died at a hospital in Riverside, California. She would have turned 74 Wednesday.  Catch more info about Etta James here .