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2011 Soul Train Awards Recap

I was thrown in Twitter Jail I wasnt able to tweet live during the awards...I give the overall award show a just wasnt good. No A list celebs were there...where was Alicia Keys, Jay Z, Beyonce, Chris Brown, etc...and why were only 4 awards given out...check out more of my thoughts after the jump.

PreShow Notes

Im glad AJ got rid of that dred mohawk thing but this Boosie fade is not ok in 2011.

Necolebitchie won Soul Site of the year....super happy for her!! I love her site. But ummmm why didnt get nominated? Dammit BET. LMAO

I love Mindless Behavior they are so cute....they are like a new B2K. But BET must owe them some money bcuz they interviewed them 2x on the red carpet and showed them a million times.

Mary Mary won best Gospel Performance....I agree with that....they are the most relevant. Kirk Franklin irritates me.

Honestly, considering the awards werent live.....the Pre Show didnt need to be aired. 

The Show

So the show opened up with Morris Day and The Time singing a medley of their hits....who doesnt love Morris Day...after Prince, Morris Day is the second prettiest man in the world!! Morris tore up the damn stage. I loved their performance.

Cedric the Entertainer was the host....and I loved him as a host. He did an awesome job. His entrance was dope....he danced his ass off!!!!!!!!!

Best new artist went to Miguel....ummmmm I personally was pulling for Marsha Ambrosius but whatever. 

Common and Marsha Ambrosius performed and I love the song...Common looked good as hell...and Marsha's voice is amazing. Check it out below.

Gladys Knight received The Legends Award. Dave Hollister, Kenny Latimore, and Freddy Jackson played honorary Pips...and did an amazing job!! Surprise, suprise Tamar sang in the Gladys Knight tribute....glad she was able to show off she can really sing. But I felt like she was trying to show off she can sing vs paying tribute to Gladys. Chrisette Michele tore the stage usual. Marsha Ambrosius came back and performed "If I Was Your Woman"and I didnt enjoy it...way too many runs and Marsha was flat a few time. Alicia Keys remade the song so why not let her perform?! Mary Mary sang "Midnight Train To Georgia" and I enjoyed their rendition. Natalie Cole ever came out and sang!!!! I have always loved her voice...and after seeing her biopic...I have such a respect for her. All in all it was a decent tribute. Gladys Knight did an impromptu song with Bebe Winans. Bebe still look and sound the same. 

CeeLo came out in all white jammin. I have loved CeeLo since the Goodie Mob days! His performances are always epic. Lol Melanie Fiona sounded awesome!! I have always loved that song and the snow/feathers were a great touch. CeeLo was realy Lisa Rayeish with all that white though. 

Jill Scott beat out Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, MJB, and Marsha Ambrosius for Best RnB Soul. I was shocked but I loved her last album and I think she derserved it.

Lloyd performed "Dedication to my Ex", and while Im not a fan of the song he performed his ass off. But he reminds me of Miguel. And then Miguel performed right after him. LMAO. Im not a Miguel no comment on his performance.

Mindless Behavior performed and they are such a good group...why does only one of them every sing? I do like the fact that they perform live...they dont lip sync. They are an updated B2K. Their performance was basic...nothing special.

The Heavy D tribute was awesome with Doug E Fresh, Goodie Mob, Naughty By Nature, Kurtis Blow, Big Daddy Kane its crazy how we just saw him performing on the Hip Hop awards. RIP I felt like it was the early 90s all over again and I loved it!! Literally gave me life.

Anthony Hamilton performed some random ass song...awards shows are not the place to debut new songs. Plus I like his depressing songs way much more. Didnt like his performance.

Best Soul Male artist went to CeeLo....and ummmm duh!!!! That made the most sense.

Robin Thicke performed "Love After War" from his latest album...he has such a beautiful voice. He know he can put together a jam!

Marsha Ambrosius won Songwriter of the Year....if you have her album then you agree with her winning. Ummm Beyonce being in that category...yeah lets just move on.

Earth, Wind, and Fire tribute was kinda awkward...Miguel was unnecessary, Musiq did a decent job with "September". Layla Hathaway performed and her voice is too deep to cover their songs. Eric Bent, Robin Thicke, and Joe sang "Reasons" and it sound awesome!!!

Random Notes

Why was Kel there?

Why doesnt Traci Braxton ever get to talk? They might as well leave her home with Toni some days. SMH

Marsha Ambrosius looked terrible dress and hair. SMH

Lance Gross...need I say more?

Awards shows are just D List to where are they finding these presenters from

Is Miguel gay cuz ummmmmmmmmmmmmm??

Anthony Hamilton hat was not ok.

CeeLo Adidas suit was screaming for is not his color.

Nene skirt looked like plastic.

I felt like I was watching Beyonce when Tamar performed...her voice was awesome but her stage presence??

Ced's fake tweets were hilarious!!

Why the hell was Amber Rose there and more importantly who cares about her album coming out?! Yeah thats what I though.

Where did they find Keith Sweat at?

Why didnt they bring all of the BasketBall Wives out? Tami Roman and Shaunie both looked great though

Robin blue suit is ummmmm.....yeah I dont like it.

Valerie Simpson outfit was.....yeah no comment

Lovita Alize Jenkins and Cedric Jackie Robinson was hilarious

Musiq had on an aluminum suit

Earth, Wind, and Fire perfroming at the end was the best part of the show.

Award ShowTweets

Twitter never lies...lmao. Check out these award show tweets

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