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Rocsi finally tells why Webbie banned from 106

So after weeks of speculation and wondering and assuming Rocsi finally tells why Webbie was indeed banned from 106 and can we let this mess go...Check out the interview below.

RIP Patrice Oneal

Comedian Patrice Oneal passed away this morning 11/29/2011 after s long battle with diabetes and recently suffering a stroke. Oneal was last scene on Charlie Sheen's roasts where he candidly joked about his battle with diabetes Talk show host Opie of the Opie & Anthony Radio Show tweeted this morning, "Yes, it's true that our pal Patrice O'Neal has passed away. The funniest and best thinker I've ever known PERIOD." (HuffingtonPost)

Conrad Murray sentenced to 4 years in jail

So can Michael Jackson FINALLY rest in peace now?! As you recall Murray was found guilty of one felony count of involuntary manslaughter in Michael Jackson's death trial...well he recieved the max sentence of 4 years in jail. Oh and he allows lost his medical license...but thats kind of a given. But dont feel bad for Murray Im sure there will be a movie/book etc on his he will be fine.

T BOZ from TLC files Bankruptcy

This is a problem for me...there is NO way this should be happening but....according to the papers filed with the  U.S. Bankruptcy Court, T-Boz aka real name Tionne Watkins owes creditors $768,642.99. What the hell did she do with all her TLC money?! Oh yeah, she only makes a little over $1000 a month in royalties. SMH, let this be a lesson to a new artist...make sure you have control of your music, read the fine print in the contract. Damn T Boz I hope you get it together. 


B.O.B. teamed up TI and Mos Def for a new track on his new mixtape EPIC. Ive always been a huge B.O.B fan and this song gives me life. First of all who doesnt like Mos Def?!?! So putting me on a song is genius, TI is spitting hard as hell, glad to see that prison does stop him, BOB rounds up the song with the last verse. I love everything about the song, the beat, the lyrics, and the delivery. Check it out below.

2011 Soul Train Awards Recap

I was thrown in Twitter Jail I wasnt able to tweet live during the awards...I give the overall award show a just wasnt good. No A list celebs were there...where was Alicia Keys, Jay Z, Beyonce, Chris Brown, etc...and why were only 4 awards given out...check out more of my thoughts after the jump.

Beyonce "Dance For You" *Official Video*

“A Very Gaga Thanksgiving” *Full Video*

Was I the only one excited that I didnt have to spend my Thanksgiving with Beyonce for the 47th year in a row? Lol. Ok so Im exageratign but it was refereshing to see someone else get a Thaniksgiving special...I personally DVRed it, so I didnt watch it live. But I heard it was a really good show. The shows included 8 live performances with family and friends, as well as clips of her in her personal life. Check it out below.

The Weeknd releases video for "The Knowing"

Last night The Weeknd released his first  music video!! So after month of vibin to this mixtapes, the world was able to finally get a visual. "The Knowing" is on eof my favorite tracks on House of Balloons , so i was excited he produced a visual for it. The video, shot in 2D, follows The Weeknd on his journey to planet Ethio X. This is a true sci fi video, complete with lasers, and he whole 9 yards. Honestly I wouldnt expect anything less from him. Lol. I dig it...check it out below.

Ludacris x Badaboom (Video)

Ummmm I missed the whole beef between Drake and Big Sean vs Luda. Ive been trying to figure out how it started but to be honest I didnt wanna dedicate that much time to it. I did hear Luda's diss song "Badaboom", and I think its overrated. Luda is ranting and raving about them accusing him of stealing their flows and tells them to address him.....but he doesnt really address them. Lol. I dont get it. But Luda did make a very interesting video for the song check it out.

Keri Hilson disses Beyonce (AGAIN!)

Its no secret that Keri Hilson doesnt like Beyonce. We all know this right? Lol. We remember the infamous verse on the "Turning Me On" remix, where Keri threw plenty of shade at King Bey. Then came the half-assed birthday shout out from Keri Hilson. LoL. But now....Keri has struck again. Last week at the 2011 Soul Train Awards Keri was on the red carpet she was approached by Juicy Magazine and asked to do a drop holding the latest issue of their magazine. The magazine had Jay Z and Beyonce on the cover, Keri refused to hold up the magazine because Beyonce was on there....ummmmm Keri you cant be serious...Keri did the drop eventually but didnt  hold up the magazine when she did it.  Check out the clip below. My reaction

B.O.B. donates $10,000

These are the type of stories that for some reason dont get headlined. SMH.On November 15, B.O.B  donated $10,000 to Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless. He even challenged other celebs to match him saying that for every $10k they donate...he would too. So why isn't this bigger news...because the media is more concerned with Beyonce's pregnancy, and Ashton and Demi's divorce. Keep up the good work B.O.B.

*New Music* Pacino (@ChinoChinoYall) - Piano Thoughts

Being a blogger certainly does have it perks, and one of those perks is that I get music sent to me all the time. So last night I was sent over a "leak" from Pacino upcoming project Chasing History. While I loved his first solo album...I am HIM...I havent cared for much of his music after that. (We are being honest on TammyTalks right?) However, I dig this song....its personal. The track is called "Piano Thoughts"where there is a simple piano type beat in the backgroun and he raps non stop. Its almost reminds you of "A Milli" He talks of past relationships, his family, his drive for gets away from being flashy and boasting. Its a real song. It lets you inside of who Pacino (I wont say your govt lol) really is. Check out the track and leave some feedback below. Be sure to follow him on Twitter @ChinoChinoYall Listen to the song after the jump

What happened to Tweet?!

OMG I used to love Tweet....I still play Southern Hummingbird all the time. She has such a beautiful voice...and she has real lyrics. I mean real lyrics like, she is singing whatever women are really thinking, saying, and experiencing. Its crazy how that album is 9 years old and the songs are still relevant. Hands down my favorite tracks are "Motel" and "Smoking Cigarettes" are my favorite songs. I still listen to "Motel" damn near everyday. I heard Tweet was supposed to drop a new album this month, but it got pushed back. Dammit!!! the meantime I will stay play this one over and over.

T.I. (@tip) – Pyro

So this new TI song was released today called "Pyro", TI came out the gate swinging from jail. Not only has he been remixing everyones songs but he has released a smash himself. If "Pyro" is any indication on who his upcoming album Trouble Man will be...Im already excited.

The talking doll that says "crazy b*tch"

This is crazy to there is a doll out on the market that cusses!! Yes she says a curse word. LMAO. Its not funny but it is.  The “You and Me Interactive Triplets,” which are sold at Toys R Us, say a number of phrases, but one phrase in particular stands out the most. One of the dolls says "crazy bitch!" Ummmmmmmmm how does that even happen?! I dont know whats worse the fact that the company allowed that to happen, the fact they wont recall the doll, or the fact that Toys R Us is refusing to pull the doll from the shelves. SMH What has happened to toys? Check out the doll in action below.

2011 American Music Awards Review #AMAs

I decided to do a review of the 2011 American Music Awards...well the stuff I actually cared about that happened. Included are some of the performances as well...check out TammyTalks 2011 American Music Awards after the jump. Enjoy...

YES! Furniture

This is so dope to I would fa real get this and throw it in a sitting room in my place. And the exclamation point lamp is everything. If yall know where to get this from...lemme know.

X Factor star Astro apologizes for temper tantrum

Im not an X Factor fan...American Idol has turned me off from song competition shows. But Twitter has been talking about the show like crazy so I checked out part of one episode and got a glimpse of Astro performing. I give it to him, he has talent...reminds me of a young Kanye.  I happened to tune into the results show the next day, and Astro really gave me Kanye when he threw a temper tantrum for being in the bottom 2. He has since taken to his Facebook page to apologize. What I do, I do for the love of Hip-Hop and my fans, and I would never doing anything to hurt either. But please try to understand where my head was last night. Muhammed Ali was hated by America when he didn't enter the draft. What people didn't know was that he would have entered if the recruiter would have addressed him by his new name. I believed I was being mistreated, and in the moment I thou ght about Ali's moment. I want to be the new ambassador for Hip-Hop and a leader of a new young movement

I rooted my phone! #TeamEvo

 If you have an Android phone...more specifically an Evo or an Epic you may prob have been asked if your phone is rooted or not. Well I was skeptic at first, ( didnt wanna void my warranty or eff up my phone) but after doing some research I decided to give it a try. So I rooted my phone and wasnt impressed, my texts didnt work, my battery life was nonexistent...I was pissed. So I decided to do more research and came across the rom   Cyonagenmod  7. After seeing the videos and pictures on it...I was instantly impressed. I fell in love. So I flashed the new rom and now I love my rooted Evo. The best part about the rom is the "theme chooser". This app lets you install numerous themes on your phone and switch them up within a few moments. I currently have the Red Remix theme installed along with some other customizations.  Check out more shots after the jump.

Female Orgasm Video

Browsing through Huffington Post I came across this interesting video....the below video is a female brain while experiencing an orgasm. As a woman I know what one feels like, and men know what they sound like....but know we know what they look like from a mental capacity. The below video shoes through the use of colors what a females brain goes through during an orgasm. Levels of brain activity are on a 'hot metal' scale - low activity is red, high activity is yellow and white. Acccording to Huffington Post Nan Wise, a 54-year-old PhD student, sex therapist and associate on the research project, agreed to be the guinea pig. She was hooked up to a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scanner and stimulated herself while the machine  took "snapshots" of her brain  every two seconds, across 80 different regions,  The Guardian  reported. Professor Barry Komisaruk and his team then spliced these snapshots together into an animated film. The movie i

Where is TammyTalks

Where is TammyTalks? I’ve received a number of emails, dms on Twitter, FB messages, and tweets wondering what happened to TammyTalks? Well it’s still here….I’m just switching things up a bit. When I first started blogging, it was more personal, it was more opinionated, but it was hard to get people to want to read a blog about you. LoL. So I switched it up and went completely entertainment news, it became a brand. A lot of people loved it, and a few hated it, but hey that’s life. I began transitioning my blog back to a more personal entitiy, posting my personal opinions on a lot of the hot topics of the world today, and guess what? People loved my commentary!! Go figure, Lol. So in a tactic to shy away from being a cookie cutter entertainment news blog, I'm really going to become TammyTalks. That is to say that, majority of the posts will be my PERSONAL OPINION on that particular topic or event. Some of you are still thinking why the switch though? TammyTalks is successful with jus

TammyTalks: Music

Music, music, music. Music gives me life, like I really mean that. I can be having the worst day, feeling sick, tired, or just in a "wanna be left alone" mood and music will instantly put me in a good mood. I recently bought some Beats by Dre headphones and good Lawd....I don't know how I listened to music before these. They headphones are damn dope and worth the money. A lot of people say, "oh they are overrated, they are just headphones, my Sony/Boss sound just as good." No, no, no they don't. Like I really feel like I'm in the studio with the artist. I was listening to Alicia Keys, Unplugged album, and I felt like I was front row at the concert. That's how incredible the sound is. If you don't believe me, go to Best Buy and try out a pair...well worth the trip to the store. 

R. Kelly (@KellZodiac) – ‘Shut Up!’

Rihanna (@rihanna) Feat Jay-Z (@S_C_) – Talk That Talk

Braxton Family Values Season 2 Episode 1 Respect **Full Video**

Beyonce's cousin confirm fake pregnancy

So I was browsing through and came across this story...I have told yall for months Beyonce isnt pregnant, but that makes me a hater. Lol Well does that make her cousin a hater too? Check out the story below. Her cousin spoke with Hip Hop Weekly and said this, “she wanted to keep her body right”…. “The mother is a surrogate and Bey wanted to keep working right after the baby was born. What pregnant women wears heells 6 inches tall, thats not good for the baby, (mothers rule number #1)… No pregnant mother would do that .” Hip Hop Weekly has also said they will be releasing audio from her cousin as well....I dont know about yall but I will picking up this months copy so I can read the story my damn self. Check out FreddyO's story here  

Braxton sisters take over Wendy Williams

Joe Paterno fired from Penn State

Both football coach Joe Paterno and president Graham Spanier are out at Penn State in the wake of a disturbing child sex abuse scandal involving a former assistant coach. Paterno said in a statement Wednesday he would retire after the season, but the university's board of trustees met Wednesday night and decided Paterno would not be allowed to continue as coach effective immediately. Assistant coach Tom Bradley has been named interim coach. Spanier chose to resign Wednesday and will be replaced temporarily by provost Rodney Erickson. Catch more of the story here

Wanna buy Michael Jackson's death bed?

Celebrity auction company, Julian’s Auctions, will be handling the sale of the items on December 17th, but the public will be able to view them December 12th. via FreddyO Why the hell would you want it?! What are you going to do it with it? SMH at people. I can only imagine how much it will sell for.

Stars react to Heavy D's death

Sean Kingston : R.I.P Rap legend Heavy D One Of The Most Influential Rappers Of The ’90s Era… Smh Another Sad Day For Music You Will Def Be Missed Man Tweet : R.I.P HEAVY D  Russell Simmons : I am deeply saddened by the sudden loss of Heavy D. A long time friend and a beautiful person Nas : RIP TO A REAL HIP HOP LEGEND HEAVY D! Timbaland : I’m at a lost for words rip heavy d John Legend : I’m so sad about Hev. He really was a wonderful person. Diggy Simmons : Wooow can’t even believe that. RIP Heavy D and my condolences to his family. A true Hip Hop great Nick Cannon : I’m hoping that these are rumors what people are saying about my man @heavyd My heart won’t allow me to believe it! Melanie Fiona : RIP Heavy D. Damn. Xo Missy Elliot : U will be missed Heavy D so many laughs we’ve shared but your Music is Timeless and will Always be Around 4ever Love u Heav… Wendy Williams : RIP Heavy D… you like cooked food! Lala Vazquez : Stunned by the news of @heavyd passing away. H

**New Music** @Ludacris - Can You Buy That

Ludacris – Can You Buy That

Marques Houston (@MarquesHouston) - Favorite Stripper