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Introducing Jayoh Jr

Jeffrey Osborne Jr. is a twenty-two year old lyricist who found his talent in an inadvertent fashion. He is the son of R&B sensation and multi-platinum recording artist Jeffrey Osborne. Jeff Jr., who now goes by the alias Jayoh Jr. intentionally strayed away from the music scene in hopes to create a name for him self on the basketball court. Inevitably the apple did not fall far from the tree and Jayoh Jr. could no longer deny his natural ability to create music. Now with a career in hip-hop solely on his mind he is ready to showcase his talent to the world. Unlike most hip-hop artists today, Jayoh’s songs portray real life situations and have a story  
like feel to them. Follow Jayoh Jr on his journey to the top. via Facebook Bio
Catch a bonus song and more info on Jayoh Jr after the jump

Lucky lucky me I have my hands on this bonus track from Jayoh. The song entitled "Sparks" (in my opinion) is on play on his pen game and his overall "swag" (for lack of a better word). Sparks is a high energy song that is perfect for the club or just cruising in your car.
"Sparks fly when I cross T's and dot I's, Ima professional I'd advise you do not try"

When I first listened to the track I instantly fell in love with it! Jayoh has a way with words to say the least, the metaphors he used and the way he rode the beat captivated me. I definitely cant wait for his project to come out. 
This is definitely a treat since this song will NOT be on his upcoming mixtape Take 2 which will be released 11.11.11

Check out "Sparks" from him below

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