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Ricci Steez Interview

Where did you get the name Ricci Steez?
Ricci is family based, and Steez just represents my style and personailty.

You have an very ecclectic spirit, how would you describe your personality?
I'm very chill. I have curiosity which led me to do some of the things I do, but you would never be able to read me. I try to stay positive and remain humble and kind... it's way more peaceful that way.

You have had your blog for sometime now, what made you start a blog?
I always believed a blog was a voice for whatever it is you do. You can keep the fans and believers updated on new material, and let em know your interests. So my blog does just that.. I reflect myself, my likes, and my loves. I enjoy personal and visual blogs more than "hey, here's the newest sneaker" blogs. So you see that on RicciSteez.Com.

You have appeared on a number of other blogs, do you think of yourself as a role model?
I always feel weird when calling myself something in a high position. I'm just really thankful people are interested enough to try and get in my mind. It honestly bugs me out when people from different parts of the country notice my work, then hit me up with mad love... I appreciate though... good feeling. If I'm a role model, then I'll let others say it... I'm not going to big myself up.

Graphic design is one of your many talents, when did you fall in love with art?
Hmmmm.. early age of like 6 or 7. My father used to go school for art and one day I saw his portfolio and wanted to be everything he was at one point.. or better. So I drew, and drew, and painted, and bought a bunch of comics. Fast forward and I'm in the High School of Art and Design, and right after I'm getting into graphic design teaching myself all these techniques and watching tutorials online to get nice. That grew to me appreciating designers in every field from interior design, to painters, to freaking architects. All respect to those geniuses and I hope to dabble in every field I possibly can.

When you are designing what main concepts do you use?
I'm a cartoon head. I love bright colors, and vectors and vibrant visuals. Cartoons and comics and graffiti influence most of my work. Those are elements that will never eave my soul.

What is your favorite piece that you designed?
I've been asked this question so many times. LOL. I really don't have one yet. I feel like when I start making prints and people are buying, I can call out a favorite.

You have also expressed a love for music on your blog. Who is your favorite artist arnd why?
Music is everything yo. I have a bunch of artists I listen to and I'm never disappointed like Kid Cudi, Chromeo, MGMT, Daft Punk, Kanye West, The Neptunes, like the list can go on and on. My itunes library is ridiculous. I have music in all genres and I even a have a grip of instrumentals and movie scores. I'm in love with great sound and I enjoy the process.

What is your all time favorite song?
Whoa.. Tough one. LoL. Too many great songs to choose from. One song I never get tired of is Jay-Z's "Excuse Me Miss" That song had all the right sounds and elements. Great flow, Great hook, dope story. You really can't go wrong when The Neptunes and Jay-Z make music.

Are you working on any new projects to showcase your musical talent?
Yes I'm in the studio now, working on some stuff I'm dropping soon. It's a process but it's coming together dope.

Aside from your blog, you have a Tumblr, what is the difference between the 2 blogs in terms of what you post?
My tumblr is somewhat more of a gallery.. Just really the visuals. Less words, just photos, and it let's me know what my tumblr followers really like to see.

What is your biggest motivation?
My hood. It's time for me to get out.

What is a random fact about yourself, you are willing to share with your fans.
Even when I become a millionaire, I'll still make trips to Kennedy Fried Chicken just for 3 Sweet Potato Pies. I love hood Sweet Potato The Best.

Favorite Color:
Favorite Number:
Favorite Car:
Mustang (2009 and up)
Favorite Sport:
Favorite Season:
Favorite of the day of the week::

Piece of advice you would give to someone chasing their dreams?
You can only chase but so long. There's comes a point where just have to do something and if it's meant for you, you and success will become great friends. Do it.

Contact info:
twitter @RicciSTEEZ

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