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New INSA Heels!!!!

Nicholas Kirkwood at Seven New York

Nike x Playstation Air Trainer 1


Francoise Nielly

Lexus - LF-Ch Concept

Janet Jackson Harper's Bazaar Covers

It has been three years since Janet Jackson appeared on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, but this October, she will grace two of the magazine’s covers. This Janet Jackson Harper’s Bazaar exclusive is the first interview and editorial following the death of her brother, Michael Jackson. It includes two separate cover shots—one for newsstands and one for subscribers—and an editorial with the exclusive interview. The newsstand cover (see above) shows the face of a happy, laughing Janet Jackson. The subscriber cover, however, is black and white with Janet solemnly posed in 40s-style couture looking off to the distance. The whole effect is graceful and elegant with the perfect tinge of melancholy. Further black and white photos appear in the Janet Jackson Harper’s Bazaar exclusive, with one photo showing the singer glamorously dressed in a Donna Karen frock and fingerless La Crasia gloves, and another in a funky fedora with a beaming smile on her face.

Aramatic Tshirts

To celebrate the name/url change of my blog. My tshirt company that I own called Get It! Ink has manufactured some Aramatic tshirts. They come in a variety of color styles for the logo name. So color designs are listed below. I will be giving 5 shirts away. To recieve a free shirt leave a comment and I will be randomly picking 5 ppl to recieve. You will be able to pick what color combo you want Aramatic to be in. Once I have sent out the 5 shirts. Take a picture with the shirt on and you will be on the header of my blog for 2 weeks with your blog information. So be sure to leave a comment for your free shirt!

The 2010 Mercedes SLS AMG


So I have shortened the name of my blog down to Aramatic ...just to make it easier for everyone to remember and spell. Lol. So hopefully this doesnt confuse anyone...I will have a new header up soon. And be on lookout for my new section called Tamology . Thanks for everyone that has showed me love in their blogs Nnamz , Jevon , Daniel , Neesh B Fly , JayP, and Reggie . Click any of their names to go check out their blogs they are all dope and I follow them all. So for those who have bookmarked my page and come to it sporadically my new blog url is Thanks for all the support and dont forget to tell your friends to follow me. Im on my way to 200 followers!!!

heartbeats by Lady Gaga Headphones

Nike - Air Force 1 MX iD

Louis Vuitton’s Mongram Eclipse Bag

Nike Wmns Preview ‘Extra Butter’

Electronics on the rise

Australia-based designer Tai Chiem's bugged-out next-gen gaming systems take it to the next level, a Playstation 4 with a glass touchscreen panel, and bottom, the coup de grace--a PSP with a flexible, roll-out OLED screen.

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Nike Sportswear Holiday 2009 Quickstrike Preview

Converse Spring/Summer 2010 Preview