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Liquid Fashions

Liquid-like fabrics grace Georges Chakra’s ‘Edition’ collection for Fall/Winter 2009. The outfits constructed of ultra-glossy black, wine and silver-grey material are both futuristic and glamorous. The effect is almost plastic-like, but folds, pleats, poufs, and opera gloves keep the effect sexy and feminine. This selection of Chakra’s fall collection is almost entirely comprised of above-the-knee dresses but there is a nod to the eighties with a satiny skin-tight pant and a fabulous black and burgundy red carpet gown.

Arboreal Lamps

TwistTogether is a fun lamp design that looks like building blocks. However, these lamps are being used in a fun new way with the MoMA store tree. The MoMa store tree is made of different colored TwistTogethers. The design is excellent because not only is it a form of illuminated wall art, and an amalgamation of TwistTogethers, it is also incredibly energy efficient and the entire wall picture only takes as much energy as one 100 watt lightbulb.

Helix, The Wrist Pen

Helix, designed by Raka Gemma, is a useful tool that allows you to wear your writing tool. Helix combines the useful functions of a pen along with a watch to create a multi-functional hybrid. The pen can actually be used while still sitting around your wrist. I’m not sure how comfortable this would be, but it definitely makes sure you’re never without your trusty writing tool.

The Feltphone

The Feltphone concept design by Matthias Pugin is made from fabric to reduce the use of joints and hardware that take away from the aesthetic of a phone. This mobile phone uses felt and leather with only two main electronic parts - the display and the main phone console - and is held together with Velcro.

Petros Chrirostomou Giant Art

While browsing the net recently I came across an artist by the name of Petros Chrirostomou and his Giant Art display. I thought it was extremely interesting and wanted to share it with everyone. The pieces were created and exhibited in 2007. And most recently were in NY I believe. Enjoy Below is an excerpt that Chrirostomou wrote on his website on how he describes his work My work is concerned with object/context relationships and explores a gamut of ideas and methods in order to arrive at a finished product.In recent years I have developed a photographic practice that has enabled me to extrapolate ready-made objects from environments I have been influenced by, and regurgitate them to a desired effect. This "still life" photography, highlights the qualities in the objects that I would like to pronounce, and in most cases, by juxtaposing them with particular scenarios, subverts our expectations towards them. The sensation of the uncanny is achieved through


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