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The Game "Uncle Otis" Diss Song *Download Link*

Fresh off of everyone's excitement from Kanye West and Jay Z's release of "Otis" from the much anticipated collab album Watch The Throne .. West coast rapper The Game created a counter song "Uncle Otis". In an interview with Vibe Magazine he said this.

Click HERE to download the track

Lyrics to the track and the break down of who he attacks after the jump
This shit for my uncle Otis
Here’s a dome shot to this nigga named Otis
Niggas think they the coldest but nigga you just the oldest
Niggas be chasing they youth but it’s gone
Yo ‘Ye, this nigga aint even wanna put you on
And then he turned around, put on Sean
But forget to tell em Benny Han Han don’t sell no f-cking Wonton’s
I don’t wear Sean John, but f-ck with that Ciroc shit
Tupac back, well Hit Em Up on some Pac shit
Who run the world? Jayceon
Will Kelly Rowland come and be my Motivation
If you invented swag then I invented gangsta
Got one in the chamber, the Throne is now in danger
And I dont wear no Gucci Gucci Fendi Fendi Prada
I’m Charles Louboutin, you niggas aint sayin’ nada
Lil white bitch better stay in ya place
You call me a nigga, I’ma put the K in ya face
It’s a stick up bitch
(So put your hands up in the air)
(I just wanna, I just wanna, I just wanna)
Know is any Gangstas up in here?
I do it, I do it, boi
So put your hands up in the air
(I just wanna, I just wanna, I just wanna)
Know is any Gangstas up in here?
I do it
Call Khaled, tell him F-ck it, I’m on one
I created Tyler, the Creator
Here go courtside seats
You are now watching the greatest
Shades blocking the haters
Stays rocking the layers
The Show Goes On
Til I start aiming the Lasers
And Lupe’ll souffle half you muthaf-ckers
Its the Drew league, I don’t wanna speak about the Rucker
Cause Jennifer Lopez just got a divorce and I already got her up in the Porsche
Tryna teach you How To love
How To Love
Marc Anthony too short (bitch)
Look how that nigga look
And I’m 6 foot 7 foot 8 foot Crooks and Castles
All my niggas crooks with castles
Red Nation graduation yeah crooks with tassels
It’s a party, it’s a party, it’s a party
Sittin up in Marvins Room, blowing that Marley
You wanna hit it, so put ya hands up in the air
(So put your hands up in the air)
(I just wanna, I just wanna, I just wanna)
Know is any Gangstas up in here?
I do it, I do it, boi
So put your hands up in the air
(I just wanna, I just wanna, I just wanna)
Know is any Gangstas up in here?
I do it
I got the money up in the rubber band
Don’t run up on me, try to take it from me (boom)
I aint Morris Chestnut, I aint Ricky
But I give you 9 shots, you can call that Fifty
Dre got that Super Bass I just call it Nicki
Working on that Detox, blowin on that sticky
Can I hit it In The Morning?
Better be a quickie
Gotta hustle hard, Ace, Tunechi and Ricky
Waves Frank Ocean, you can see my Odd Future
You gon need more than Novacaine after I shoot ya
Yesterday I went to Coachella not to see Jigga
I went to see Wiz but theres Amber, perfect
I took a seat on the red futon
Hit it with that Wiz shit on, whatever
So put that pussy on my face
and let me taste, a little taste
I’ma eat it up like it’s my last
I’ma I’ma do it different, she aint gettin no cash
You know why? I’m Not A Star
Somebody lied I got a chppper in the car, huh
That aint a lie
(So put your hands up in the air)
(I just wanna, I just wanna, I just wanna)
Know is any Gangstas up in here?
I do it, I do it, boi
So put your hands up in the air
(I just wanna, I just wanna, I just wanna)
Know is any Gangstas up in here?
I do it

Game breaks down the most lethal diss lines on "Uncle Otis" below:
At Jay-Z: “Here is a dome shot to this n—a named Otis/ Niggas think they the coldest but n—a you just the oldest/N—az be chasin they youth but its gone/Yo, ‘Ye this n—a ain’t even wanna put you on and you turn around and put on Shawn…"
Game says: It's just the truth man, Jay had a time when he was unfuckwitable. Nobody could touch him and I feel like that time has kinda passed. Jay is like Sugar Ray Robinson if hip-hop was boxing. There comes a time when you gotta be like Lenox Lewis and you gotta go out when you're on top as king. Versus trying to do the MIchael Jordan thing playing for the Wizards.

At Jay-Z and Kanye: “Who run the world?/Jason./Will Kelly Rowland come and be my “Motivation”?/if you invented Swag then I invented gangsta/ got one in the chamber/the throne is now in danger…”
Game Says: I feel like they saying 'Watch The Throne' I'm watching. Let's go! I'm not impressed with nothing right now. The Throne is for the taking, anybody can get it right now. I'm take my shot on August 23rd.

At Kreayshawn: And I dont wear no Fendi Fendi Gucci Gucci Prada/ I'm Charles Loubotin/U niggas aint saying Nada/ Little white bitch betta stay in ya place /call me a nigga, I'm stick the K in ya face
Game says: I was just fuckin' around. I never met her in real life or even know what she looks like. I just seen the N-word shit on Twitter. It's just a shot in the dark and I don't really think she could do anything if she takes it personal. But her saying "nigga" ain't cool. That ain't never gonna be cool, ever ever.

Tyler: “I created Tyler the Creator/ Here go courtside seats / You’re now tuned into the greatest”
Game says: He's from the West Coast and anything that came after me on the West is something that I had a hand in creating. Just like Snoop and Dre with me. It ain't a shot, we just talked this morning. It's all love.

Marc Anthony: Jennifer Lopez just got a divorce and I already got her in the Porsche/trying to teach her “how to love, how to love”/ Marc Anthony too short look at that n—a look and I’m “6 Foot 7 Foot 8 Foot”…”
Game says: I just had to put my two cents on it, J.Lo's back on the market. [Laughs]
Final Words: If see you Uncle Otis, tell him to holla at me. - Game

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