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5 at 5 with Joshua

Who: Joshua Sims-Crowell, Owner and Marketing Director for All In Marketing and Music Group

What: My biggest motivation/ inspiration comes from my company and the people I have working with me. My company was started on inspiration, valor and love for Marketing and Music. We provide the means of inspiration for all of our artist as well as our entertainers.

When: It really wasn't a certain date or day when I realized I was talented in my selective field, Ive always seemed to pursue this type of occupation. I'm a Junior at North Carolina Central University in Durham, North Carolina, where I major in Business Administration and i'm a double minor in Business Marketing and Sports Management, so that should kind of give a indication of the passion that I share for Marketing. I would like to do this for the rest of my life

Where: We are currently developing our website so the public can go listen to our music, see our sponsors and see whats going on with All In. There nothing more fulfilling to a fan than to be able to see what there favorite artist is doing to stay relevant, so in the Fall of 2011 we are starting a webisode called "24-7" which will be following our first artist Nige Hood and all of our artists to come. In the meantime, his mix-tape F+ What You Heard Can me be viewed on

Why: I refuse to give up because not only does North Carolina need a young, up and coming mogul to provide some publicity to our State and our people, but good artists are missing out on the advantages of having a Marketing firm that can help them get to the wide media. All In has starts our roots independent so that we can be conformed to the thoughts that Major labels say that an artists needs to provide. Were in the age of independents, and a company of this magnitude is what independent artist have been waiting on.

Contact Info: All In Marketing Firm and Music Group
Owner and Marketing Director: Joshua Crowell
Follow the Twitter: @ALLINMUSICGROUP
website being developed 

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