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5 at 5 with Eunice PL

Who are you?
I am Eunice PL. Haitian Writer/Actress/ Up and coming hip hop artist/ Future philanthropist.

What is your biggest motivation/inspiration?
I am inspired to provoke thought. I want my craft to spark a conversation. My biggest motivation/inspiration is that I would like to leave the world with the thought that you should love yourself 1st and move forward from there. I feel that people who love themselves value their contributions to the world more than those who don't. 

When did you first realize you were talented in your craft?
I always knew that I was happiest when I was telling a story. On paper, through music or during a performance. Then one day I realized that I could use that to make others happy. When I was a junior in high school I wrote and performed the part of an HIV positive student. After one of our performances a woman came up to me in tears. She told me that she had to live with that everyday and she appreciated my performance for being hard hitting. That was my moment of truth in my craft.

Where can fans see/hear more of your work?
You can find me at and at
Also follow me on twitter @EunicePL and my blog is

Why do you refuse to give up?
I refuse to give up because it really is not an option. When I was growing up there was a stigma attached to being Haitian in the States. I don't want the next generation to feel that way. I want to be one more proud, productive and creative person that anyone can relate to. I want the world to judge me for my talents not for any stereotypes of Haitians/ Women/ Femcees or any other box that I may be placed into. I feel like I need to show the world that it's okay to think for yourself. 
Failure's not optional so I continue to push forward.

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