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**Exclusive** SpiltMillk Interview

Brief intro of yourself
I don't need no hook fo this shiiiiiiiiiit

Starting with the clothing line, what you decide to create a tshirt line?  what made me decide to start a clothing line? my culture, my community, my need to help people, my hunger to create...shit like that.

Where did the name Spilt Millk originate from? That name came from the struggles I've encountered all my least my version of spilt millk. The saying "don't cry over spilled milk" is some old school shit tho, means don't complain about shit you can't change. It all started when they raised the price of milk during the great depression...some shit like that. I just stopped complaining about the past, no use in crying over things you can't change. It inspires people to look to the future and not dwell on yesterday.

How do you come up with your ideas for shirt designs? Shirt designs stem from my life so the shirt "HANGOVER LIFESTYLE" was really the lifestyle I was living at that moment. I had just moved to the eastside upstairs from a bar haha best decision ever, I would go downstairs and have a beer and some popcorn for $1 ..who does that on a Sunday afternoon ...THIS GUY So yea it all depends on whats going on in my life at the time, I imagine shit a lot, I think a lot. I just put that shit on a t-shirt and keep it moving
Any plans to expand the line beyond tshirts? I would love to do jeans, book bags and hats. Right now we have T's and buttons, idk I would probably need dope boy money or mainstream money for all of that

Where can people purchase Spilt Millk clothing? Right out of my hand or Sky High Skate shop in Bayview. I'm officially never putting another shirt online to sell, just how I feel right now. I'm trying to get my "Underground" on, making my line about family and friends. So if you want a T I'm gonna assume you are family or friend haha no strangers, I think that makes sense. I mean if you just like the design then I guess, not sure how I feel about that tho because at the end of the day I'm really trying to better the world and my community with the meaning behind the design(s). That probably sounds confusing.

How long have you had your blog M.A.A.R.S.? only 1 year an say 3 months. Something like that, what a ride it has been. 2 awards, countless interviews. 5,000 views a month and thats just for M.A.A.R.S. not even including Music In Revolt. I have a legit fan base that respects what I'm doing, its an amazing feeling.

What made you decide to start a blog? Well, I lost my job a little over a year ago, I was bummed...sad..depressed...confused, all that. I did what I loved just to maintain, which was skateboarding. I love that shit to death, catch me riding everyday in the summer, I would ride all thru tha hood. Kids would ask me to do tricks and teach them tricks, it felt good to see black kids be curious about skateboarding and the culture as a whole. People on the northside of Milwaukee would trip when I told them what type of clothes I wear or music I listen to. They didn't know it was all thanks to skateboarding. That being said I decided to put people on to this culture and my life by blogging about it. Taking pics, covering skateboard and music events. Interviewing skaters etc etc. All of that has turned into everything that you see today. I manage artist, I have a bike team, film videos, I've been doing logo's and photoshoots every other day. This is officially my life, I love my blog and everyone who supports it. I had to do a little research about bloggin, to see what my style would most likely fit. I'm a picture type of person, I don't want to write EVER! so thats mainly my style, taking pics and posting links and videos. Only the ones I've created tho, I don't post other people shit on. It takes the organic feeling away, and I reeeaallly like that feeling.

When looking for things to posts, what are you looking for? I use to go to my fav websites, but now I just blog my life haha, it's pretty awesome I must say. I take all the pics on my blog, I even do the flyers and videos. This question goes back to "my style" of bloggin, some people blog to promote something or whatev. I bring people into my journey to whatever lies ahead of me. 

One of your talents is photography, when did you fall in love with being behind the camera? good question because I wasn't really into it like that years ago. I always admired ART. My life was always moving too fast to really chill,enjoy, and appreciate art....shit I lost my job and had all the time in the world to really stop and see things in a different light. I had a lot of time on my hands man smh. I paid more attention to photography, clothing lines, our culture, etc...So I guess the answer to your question is 1 year ago.

You have also produced some music videos, what do you think the most important concept in shooting a video is? idk its lots of things you should pay attention to, its so complex and I could talk all day about it. I think a story line or just a concept in general is important. Stay away from random as shots, the more angles the better, the more scenes the better. This is what I've learned so far tho, I'm poor and could do a lot more if I had more equipment and such.

Piece of advice for anyone chasing their dreams? chase them, and don't stop till you catch them 

Karl (Manager of B*RIGHT)
Administrator of Music In Revolt & M.A.A.R.S

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