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Drew Sidora Interview!

If you aren't familiar with the name Drew soon will be. Drew is well on her way to becoming the new 'it' girl in both acting and music. I had the privilege to catch up with Drew and conduct an interview:

Before we begin, I want to thank you for taking the time to do this interview...I really appreciate it.
No problem. Thank you!

You have a foundation called Dream Makers; can you give some information on what it is, and why you started the foundation.
Yes I started the foundation in order to empower, inspire and encourage young women and men from the inner city communities. My vision is to help and let people know that it is primarily targeted to young people to have the tools they will need as they prepare for the world. Simple as knowing the basics to going on an interview. My recent stop was in Virginia where we focused on beauty and haircare conducting a workshop it was great to educate these women about taking pride in the professional presentation.

Your entertainment career includes both acting and singing.... which do you feel the most passionate about?
I love both. I actually started my music career at 3 years old by playing the piano. I sang in the church choir and then joined a R&B girl group Mo’Tempo called where we performed throughout Chicago. Once I realized that I wanted to pursue the arts, I made a promise with my parents to do well in school and I graduated early. Then I went out to LA and became a writer with the Edmonds Publishing where I learn the craft and art of songwriting. I met and worked established vocalists like Ron Isley and Ginuwine.

You have had an extensive acting career to be so did you get started in acting?
My path led me to acting after I did my first film DIVAS with Khalil Kain, Nicole Ari Parker and after getting my first check for something I loved I knew this was the industry I wanted to be in! From there I auditioned for many roles and eventually I got the role of Angela in Never Die Alone with Steven Seagal, DMX and Michael Ealy.

Do you have a favorite role you have played? Why was it your favorite?
That one is hard because all my roles meant something in different ways!

On the show The Game, you played a fictionalized version of yourself...what was that experience like?
Great! It gave me the opportunity to showcase myself as a recording artist while establishing my brand.

I know the show's future is still up in the air, if The Game were to return do you think your character would ever resurface?
It depends how they would like to rewrite my character back into the fabric of the storyline. I would love to comeback!

Do you have any more acting gigs in the future or do you plan on focusing on your music for a while? I have a movie Blessed & Cursed starring gospel greats - Dietrick Haddon, , Karen Clark Sheard, J. Moss and Sheryl Lee Ralph

So switching over to music, you currently signed to Slip-N-Slide Records...when can we expect your debut album?
We are about to release two singles at the same time Ladies Go and Juke It on April 6th which both are produced by Lamb. He has produced Jazmine Sullivan (Need U Bad), Keyshia Cole (Let It Go) and Monica’s recent hit single (Everything To Me).

A lot of people didn't know you were a singer, do you think your role on The Game was sort of your 'big break' into the music industry?
No and Yes. It wasn’t my big break into the industry but it was art imitating life where I was able to use my brand to showcase my music. That along with my multiple performances was what appealed to Slip-N-Slide Records in me getting my deal.

What can we expect from your album...slow/love songs or more up-tempo dance music?
A combination of both. There are lot fun pop/dance tracks along with ballads that are for the lovelorn who have found love.
Do you plan to feature anyone on your album? If so, can you tell us who has committed to any songs. As of now no but as we get closer to the release things may change.

If there anyone you would love to record a song with?
Stevie Wonder because he is an absolute genius. I listened to him growing up and he is the ultimate artist. It would be an honor to work with this legend.

What are the goals for 2010 both in music and acting?
To continue entertaining by making people laugh and fee whatever emotions they choose through my acting or through my songs.

How can fans keep up with your career? Website/twitter?
We just created a new site which was launched for all my fans who want to be part of the #teamdrew movement which has been pretty popular among Twitter. Of course that is the best way for you to reach me @drewsidora Facebook Drew Sidora Myspace – Drew Sidora and on Slip-N Slide

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