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Born Borthaz Interview

1. Why don't you guys introduce yourself for people that may not know who you are?
Alright, we’re the BORN BROTHAZ! Which consist of Justice, Infinity and Knowledge. We tend to call Infinity, FIN for short!

2. How did you come up with the group name as well as your stage names?
Well the Group name has a few different dynamics to it, so in one aspect it has been here since Fin was Born, since he was Born last. Lol! What we mean is that we share the same momma and daddy, the same people brought us home from the hospital, so we were REALLY Born Brothaz! Justice started studying a particular philosophy when we were all younger, which he introduced to Knowledge and Myself(FIN). This stated that Men name themselves for what they stand for, so each of us have gone for years by the names we chose! Justice chose Born as a last name and we’re family so of course family shares the same last name. And the true meaning of Born fits each of us, so yea that’s were the names originate.

3. How would you describe the groups sound?
Unique comes to mind! Organic maybe! We all have different taste and enjoy different eras of music. So our influences collectively, are extremely broad! Which allows us to have a sound that covers a lot of ground and at the same time stays true to the essence of what we believe the culture or life is about.

4. I've heard you use the word 'organic' to describe your music. Elaborate on that.
There’s a certain essence or ingredient to Hip Hop that many, not all, still recall and search for. We are all aware that these days the “industry” is more of a business than it is a place to develop good or even great music. Do to this, most artist are forced to “choose a side” if you will. They basically decide whether their going to go for the money or stay true to the love of the art form. You find some of the most talented and lyrically creative emcees, 2 bucks from being homeless, and on the flip of that coin you’ll find some one not so creative, typical and buying into whatever the catch phrase of the day is, living a life that that broke talented emcee can’t even Rap his mind around! The fusion of these two things is what many seem to lack. You know, meaning its not many who posses the WHOLE coin. Both sides. So basically, even though our music is marketable, you can still feel and hear the essence contained. The lyrics are present and the love is there. Organic means natural, or unaltered by outside forces, so what you see and hear from us is what you get cause its who we are, we haven’t changed a thing in attempts to get some extra attention, or make a couple more sells. This isn’t manufactured or mass produced!
This home grown and cooked, not Fast food! lol

5. What was the inspiration behind your song 'Beautiful Morning'
LIFE! Being Grateful for what we have now, yet still knowing were in pursuit of things greater. People tend to loose sight of their current blessing, cause their so concerned about what they lack! Shit you alive! So you’re already ahead of those who aren’t. Just that alone makes for a Beautiful Morning!

6. You have songs with conscious lyrics and some with fun lyrics. Which do you prefer to make and why?
Were human, at least partially, lol, so we draw from all aspects of life, because really there isn’t much we haven’t seen growing up in Milwaukee. It’s all in the perspective you take, so both come naturally. We deal with a lot of great producers, Epidmek Beats, Elite Trax, Jon Frost, E Hood and E2, Supreme, and the list goes on, so often the beat tells us which way to go. Regardless of which way it goes, you’re going to find bits of both infused in every song. I would say if anything Justice, would lean more toward conscious ALL the time, so every now and then we have to bring him down a notch! You know, add a mutha fucka, so the ignorant niggas hear me! LOL. One of the best Lauren Hill lines ever. LOL.

7. Do you have any mixtapes/albums available for download or to purchase?
We have a joint entitled Rik Rawson that can be purchased on itunes. So dig in your couch cusions a cop that. The video for that song is on youtube The song and video are basically breaking down what we talked about earlier. The fact that so many force themselves into a certain mold trying to increase sells, fans, or whatever reason they do it for. It’s far from organic. We have a four song sampler available for download at_________ and you can also get a mixtape called New Born Order sent to your email if you requested at

8. Any future projects on the way from the group? Any solo projects?
The first week of March everyone will be able to grab the FREE ALBUM!! “JFK The Conspiracy Series Presents: BORN IDENITY” from the website: You can also sign up there to receive other mixtapes as well. As Far as solo projects…naw, not till develop our lane and we all eatin.

9. Any upcoming shows?
Friday, March 12 were doing the BACK AT THE BBC’s show! Unless its REALLY worth it we wont be doing any other shows until then.

10. What is your contact info for new fans to get in touch with you?
They can catch us through pretty much any of the social media sites:
And like we mentioned will be complete by the end of the month!

Be sure to check out their album JFK when it drops Monday March 8th on

Check out their hit video 'Rik Rawson'

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